Looking for Milford Sound Accommodation?

If you’re looking for Milford Sound accommodation, Te Anau is the best choice. It is not only the closest town to Milford Sound with plenty of places to stay available, it is also packed full of great restaurants, shops and things to do for families and travellers with some time to spare.

Fiordland Activities We Can Help You Plan and Book

  • day or overnight cruises on Milford Sound
  • Doubtful Sound day or overnight cruises
  • Glow Worm Caves tours
  • Jetboating
  • Kayaking
  • Horse Riding
  • Day walks on the Milford Track
  • 4-Wheel drive motorbike tours
  • Skydiving
  • Helicopter and fixed wing flights
  • Guided Fishing
  • Transport to and from the walking tracks
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Looking for accommodation in Milford Sound?

There is limited accommodation in Milford Sound, so many travellers choose to stay in Te Anau instead. The drive to Milford Sound takes around one and a half hours from Te Anau by car, with plenty of stops along the way to take beautiful pictures, have a picnic or just enjoy the spectacular views. There is also a bus that takes visitors from Te Anau, to Milford and back.

Many of the guests that stay with us at Alpine View Motel, do so because they have planned a trip to Milford Sound and realise that finding accommodation in Milford Sound is not always easy or possible. Most visitors are looking to hike or take a boat cruise on Milford Sound. We can help you plan your trip by offering great local tips and ideas, as well as helping you book a cruise on Milford after you arrive here.

What to do in Milford Sound:

    1. Take a cruise – Most visitors to Milford Sound choose to enjoy a scenic cruise on the lake with one of Milford Sounds many cruise operators.
    2. The Milford Track – One of the Great Walks, the full Milford Track is a four day trek from start to finish. You can book huts along the way with the Department of Conservation.
    3. Hiking – If day-hiking is more your style, then there are plenty of great day-hikes in and around Milford Sound. Marion Lakes and Key Summit are two hiking favourites.
    4. See Milford from above – Helicopter and sea-plane tours are available over Milford Sound. If you’d prefer to see the wilderness of Milford Sound from above, then this is the activity for you.
    5. Kayak on Milford Sound – If you’d like to get more close-up and personal with the Sound, then renting a Kayak or booking a kayak tour is a must!

Reasons to stay in Te Anau rather than Milford Sound accommodation:

  1. There are more options for places to stay
  2. There are more options for places to eat… lots more!
  3. Te Anau is family friendly! As well as having plenty of places for families to stay and eat, Te Anau offers a variety of things to do with the kids, especially if it’s raining. We even have a play area for kids at Alpine View Motel!

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