Book Te Anau Accommodation at Alpine View Motel

To get the best rates for Alpine View Motel, book directly with us for your next stay in Te Anau. We offer a range of accommodation and unit options and our prices are affordable.

Each of our units has everything you need for your stay in Te Anau. This includes kitchen and dining facilities as well as on-site parking and internet access. We’re also just 100 metres from the shoreline of Lake Te Anau as well as being five minutes’ walk from the town.

We highly recommend a 2 night stay as all the cruises are full days.


2.5 hours drive to Milford Sound by bus/car from Te Anau, 2 hour cruise on Milford Sound, 2.5 hours drive back to Te Anau. (7 hours total).


30 mins drive to Manapouri Real Journeys from Te Anau by car, 1 hour cruise across Lake Manapouri,  1.5 hour bus ride across Wilmot Pass Road,       2 hour cruise on doubtful sound, then return back to Te Anau. (10 hours total).

Book your Te Anau accommodation now.


ilford sound cruise deal

Looking for some adventure? Book our two night Milford cruise package!

*Two person only. Does not include family rooms. We will contact you to confirm dates and times for your cruise. Does not include transport to and from Milford Sound.



At Alpine View Motel, we are always looking for ways to enhance your stay with us in Te Anau. We have deals with several tour operators and Te Anau businesses that you can take advantage of while staying in Te Anau. We can discuss current deals at time of check in. Check them out below!

Real Journey’s

Jucy Cruise

Milford Cruise

Fiordland Jet